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Redlands, California Wedding | Becca & Casey

I was going to tell you how Becca and Casey met, because I thought it was such a cute story. But I won’t! Because Becca tells it sooooooo much better….

“I met Casey on Craigslist. I’m not kidding. Well, kind of.

One of my girlfriends was planning a move to California. She was ready to pick up and move west, but was in need of a local eye to give a quick assist in her apartment hunt… cue Craigslist. I only made one stop in that search.

I remember sitting across the table from Casey, interviewing him for the honorable role of Roommate to one of my best friends. He was so laid back (cute) and easy to talk to (cute) that I left his apartment thinking, “Man, if I ever had a male roommate, I’d choose this guy!!” Check. Future male roommate has officially been chosen.

After Alex moved in, she and Casey made a really smart and really ineffective male-female roommate pact: No dating each others’ friends. About six months later, he took me on our first date. Like I said, it was an ineffective agreement.

It was an early-summer evening when Casey took me to Cordiano Winery in Escondido, which couldn’t possibly have been more romantic. He spent the entire evening making me laugh, not judging me for taking 1,800 sunset pictures, and pretending that we shared a mutual love for wine just to make me happy. [I would like to proudly announce that he now genuinely enjoys wine.] Before we ran out of sunlight, he stopped a stranger and asked him to take our picture. That’s when I knew I was going to love this guy. ”

Becca and Casey, you are so much fun, and so was your wedding. I’m kind of sad that it’s over! But I’m very happy for you both. Congratulations you guys! xo

Coordinator: Heather Baguyo, Willow Tree Weddings

Photography: Roberta Nicole Photography

Catering: Collette’s Catering

Florals: Dawn Adams, The Nature of Things

Hair & Makeup: Camie Ferguson

This photo makes me smile because number one, these two girls are the best, and two, they are both my brides! Morgan, Becca’s maid of honor, is my next wedding coming up. You may remember Morgan and Cliff’s La Jolla engagement session from earlier this year. I’m so happy to get to see both of these rad couples at each other’s weddings Double the fun!


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